Both Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are well-known actresses in the United States. They first came to public attention thanks to their roles in the comedy “That 70s Show.” The program was shown from 1998 to 2006 and consisted of a total of eight seasons and two hundred episodes. It was set in the 1970s and concentrated on the lives of a group of young friends and explored societal concerns that were prevalent during that era. Both Kutcher and Kunis can thank the program for helping them get their careers off the ground, since it was both critically acclaimed and financially lucrative.

Kutcher is also well-known for his appearances in movies such as “Dude, Where’s My Car?” (released in 2000), “The Butterfly Effect” (released in 2004), and “Jobs,” a biographical picture released in 2013. Kutcher played the part of Steve Jobs in “Jobs.” In addition to her role as Meg Griffin on the animated comedy series “Family Guy,” which she has voiced since the show’s inception in 1999, Kunis is most known for her performance in the 2008 film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”


The couple first started dating in 2012 and got engaged in February of 2014. Kutcher and Kunis After that, the pair tied the knot in Oak Glen, California, in July of 2015. At the time when they initially started dating, Kutcher was in the process of completing his divorce from actress Demi Moore. The divorce between Moore and Kutcher was finalized in the year 2013. Both Wyatt and Dimitri are Kunis and Kutcher’s children from their marriage. Wyatt is a girl, while Dimitri is a boy. The couple and architect Howard Backen collaborated to create the family’s home, which is a sustainable farmhouse located in Beverly Hills, California. Backen was the architect. The well-known couple labored and planned over a period of five years in order to bring their country home to life. Given that both of the Hollywood stars come from less privileged backgrounds, the pair has put forth a lot of effort to ensure that their house is both stunning and comfortable.


Before the pair moved into their cutting-edge house, they first got to know one other as co-workers and then, over time, became friends. It would be an understatement to say that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have always had a particular connection to one another.

On the set of “That 70s Show,” Kunis had her first kiss with Kutcher for the very first time. In the year 2020, Mila Kunis said with People that her first reaction was, “Oh, he’s so adorable, it’s the Calvin Klein model!” Kunis stated. After that, I found myself wondering, ‘Do I have to kiss him?’ I was overcome with anxiety and apprehension. My feelings for him were completely head over heels.


Later, Kutcher acknowledged that he was unaware that he was the actress’s first kissing experience. In an interview with People in 2001, the actor posed the question, “Am I the first male that she kissed?” Oh my gosh, I had no clue!” remarked Kutcher. “I’m really relieved that I didn’t know that, because else the strain would have been too much for me.” He continued by saying that he was the one who was anxious on that particular day.


“I was shaking so badly. She put up such a calm front. It felt as if she had completed this task a thousand times before. I was the one who felt nervousness and trepidation in my gut. I mean, there’s this young child right here, and I have no choice but to kiss her. He described the experience as “nerve-wracking.” In spite of the fact that Kunis and Kutcher had a cinematic romance in the year 1998, the two actors never dated in real life while they were working together. The two would not run into each other again until the Golden Globes awards presentation, several years after the conclusion of their on-screen relationship.

During an interview that took place in 2016, Kunis remarked on “The Howard Stern Show”: “I see this man, and I see his back, and he’s incredibly tall.”

Then he just turns around, and it was truly as if we were in a movie, the music would start playing, and the violins would go,” she related what happened.

She went on to explain, “To make a long story short, I didn’t leave till the following morning.” “[It was] the very first time I had ever stayed over when I was single,” Kunis added. “[It was] an amazing experience.” Afterward, the two continued to “hook up” for a few months, as Kunis acknowledged during an interview on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast in 2018, which took place in 2018. She said that the revelation that Kutcher was seeing another lady left her feeling scared.

“When he said anything, my first reaction was, ‘Oh, my gosh. Despite the fact that I love this guy, I cannot stay with him since this was not the deal that we had made. And therefore I’m going to speak out,’” Kunis stated.

The next action that Kutcher took was like something out of a movie. “The following day, he came up to my home and he was like, ‘Move in with me,’ and I said, ‘OK,’” Kunis continued to say of the man. “The next day, he showed up to my house.”

The relationship between the two A-list celebs has been going strong ever since! In 2014, the pair announced their engagement, and the following year, they wed. The happy couple now shares their home with two little ones. In 2014, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, the couple’s first daughter, entered the world. In 2016, the couple had their youngest child, a boy named Dimitri Portwood Kutcher. The farmhouse that Kunis, Kutcher, and their two children presently call home is located in Los Angeles, California. The couple spent years planning and designing the farmhouse before beginning work on it.


The couple decided to buy a property that was six acres in size because they wanted to make sure that their property matched their more modest origins. When asked about their housing preferences in 2021 by Architectural Digest, Kunis said, “We wanted a house, not an estate.” We wanted the home to have the appearance of an ancient barn that had been transformed into a house at some point in the past. But in addition to that, it has to have a contemporary vibe and be relevant,” Kutcher said.


The pair acknowledged that constructing a house from scratch and planning its layout is not a simple endeavor. The process of constructing a home from the ground up is not an easy one. According to what Kunis revealed, “this was either going to make us or ruin us.” However, after a number of years of discussing potential house improvements together, the couple came to the same conclusions. “When we looked at each other’s boards, ninety percent of the photos we picked were the same, and the majority of the homes we pinned were created by Howard,” she acknowledged. “When we looked at each other’s boards, the majority of the houses we pinned were designed by Howard.”

The couple’s project was completed by Howard Backen, an internationally renowned architect who works for the AD100 company Backen & Gillam Architects. The pair is said as having informed the company that they want both a powerful design and a useful application. Kutcher described Howard as “someone who views design as an accentuation of function.” “Howard is like a fantastic software designer,” Kutcher remarked. “The goal of a software designer is to minimize the number of clicks it takes for users to reach their destination. He said, “Howard’s goal is to bring you to where you want to go with as few doors and challenges in the way as possible.”

According to the designer, Backen, it was a real treat to collaborate with the Hollywood power couple. He went on to say that Ashton and Mila were two of the most intelligent and curious persons they had ever dealt with. The architect said, “We discussed everything, from the widths of the beams to the specifics of the cross bracing to the junctures of the wood planks and concrete.” These are not the types of interactions that we have with each and every customer who comes through our doors.


In addition to this, he disclosed that the pair had a significant amount of involvement in all aspects of the project, beginning with the planning stages. “They were out there with us, as actual members of the design team, at every step of this long and difficult process,” he shared with us. “The process was very lengthy and involved.”


When Kunis was planning and constructing their one-of-a-kind house, she did so with the long-term wellbeing of their family at the forefront of her thoughts and vision. When we started out on our adventure, Mila was in the middle of carrying their first kid. According to interior designer Vicky Charles, “we spent months looking at materials and colors to establish the correct visual language.” “Our chats were not only about the land and the building, but also about the future of their family,” she continued. “Our conversations were not simply about the land and the architecture.”

Charles said that as the home ideas progressed, so did the vision he had for the farmhouse and the area they owned. “Over the course of time, the design evolved into something that was more modern, moving away from the classic look of a farmhouse. Chandler revealed that wrought-iron chandeliers and large chesterfield sofas were not the appropriate attire for this figure.

The one-of-a-kind house has one-of-a-kind furniture and other accents that perfectly complement the house. The group went all the way to India in order to acquire a magnificent chandelier that is 10 feet in height and serves as one of the focal points in the living room of the house. The farmhouse has a sophisticated but cozy atmosphere thanks to the enormous velvet furniture that is featured in not one but two living spaces. When looking at the images of the couple’s home, one can tell that it is genuinely a combination of a farmhouse and a glamorous mansion due to the extensive usage of wood throughout the structure. In addition to the fact that the house was stunning to look at, the couple was determined to make it environmentally friendly as well.

“The quality of the soil, the cleanliness of the food they consume, and the safety of the water they drink are all things that Ashton and Mila are very worried about. According to the architect, “the ideas of sustainability and regenerative farming are not merely things that they think about in a general sense.”

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