You never quite know what is going on in the life of a celebrity. This was recently seen with Eric Braden, a star on Young and the Restless.

Braden, who plays Victor Newman on that soap opera gave the news to the general public on Facebook the other day.

In the online video, he said he was giving a personal well-being check and discussed his situation. Many thought he would talk about his knee surgery, but he said he just had an overconfident moment when doing squats but he had not done damage.

The problem is, Newman went to have his prostate checked. He told people He hated to be that personal but he thinks it’s good for some older men to hear the story. After all, he said it would happen to them.

He had a catheter put in by a urologist and came back three days later to have it removed. That is when the doctor told him he had cancer.

Braden was scheduled for surgery and the cancer was removed. The urologist then told him that it was not all simple cancer but there were some high-grade cancer cells involved.

His doctor now has him scheduled for weekly injections. That is what he is doing now.

He gives the advice to slow down and listen to your body. Don’t try to exercise like you did when you were younger, just be optimistic like Braden because he admits he will beat the cancer.

He will still be acting on the Young and the Restless while he is going through cancer treatment. He loves the distraction of work.

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