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A study made at the University of Colorado says that morning sickness in pregnant women is a coping mechanism, helping the fetus avoid toxins that their mother consumes.

2. Women are good at hearing high-pitch

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Women are ‘sound-detectors’! A woman can easily recognize high-pitched noises, also even the slightest changes in the pitch of a voice when someone is lying.

3. Females are multitaskers

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Females show 3% better results in intelligence tests. Also, they can do multiple things at the same time.

4. The X chromosome means a good immune system

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The X chromosome has more micro-RNA packs that strengthen the immune system – say scientists from Gent’s University.

5. Women get through sicknesses more easily

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Estrogen – the dominant hormone in female bodies, helps suppress the inflammation process, making women’s bodies deal with sickness faster.

6. PMS symptoms come and go with age

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In early teens and after their 40s, females may experience more PMS symptoms because of the hormonal changes.

7. Women are biologically wired to spot alpha-females

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Females spot other alpha-females biologically. Usually, their points of shoes are directed toward an alpha-female.

8. Breasts are not the same for every woman

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No woman has the same breast size. Usually, one is larger than the other one.

9. Arousal is all the same for the female brain

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Either caused by a partner or just thinking about food, the female brain will “light up” just the same on an MRI when it comes to arousal.

10. Birth control affects physical attractiveness

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Birth control lowers female attractiveness to men, adding more ‘manly’ hormones.

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