The granddaughter chose to take her grandma to a beauty salon and give her a gift for her 80th birthday.Julia is a makeup artist who is known for her work and the changes she can make. People from all over England come to see her.

So, for her grandmother’s birthday, the granddaughter wanted her grandmother to look young and beautiful again.Grandma Sandra never liked to put on makeup, that’s a fact.She didn’t change her style, and she didn’t wear bright lipstick.

And as time went on, the woman stopped taking care of herself at all.She has always thought that girls this age shouldn’t wear makeup.And Julia chose to show the woman that she was wrong. You can look clean and pretty at any age, and makeup can make you look younger.

Using a few tricks, the makeup artist was able to make the woman look classy and beautiful. She used a thick base, some eye makeup, and fake eyelashes. The makeup artist drew in the eyebrows and picked a nude shade of lipstick. Sandra was happy with the outcome; she hadn’t thought it would be this way.She also looked 10 years younger. What do you think of Sandra’s change?

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