Country Music Television was once the place to go for all things country music. It was Americana at its finest. Bluntly speaking, it was our channel. Country music, the south, plain spoken conservative values that was fun for the whole family.

But Country Music Television has changed, and not for the better. The woke mind virus has infected our CMT.

Jason Aldean’s new patriotic music video, “Try That In A Small Town” was racing up the charts. Aldean is an outspoken patriotic conservative. The song and accompanying video represents those conservative values to the point of being confrontational to the far left, which real Americans love. Jason is unapologetic about his love for the flag, America and traditional American values.

CMT pulled the video after liberals complained it was offensive and so called racist. Of course liberals would see it as racist. It’s simply calling out BLM and challenging them to come protest in a small town. They know their kind isn’t welcome in small southern towns so stay out! There is nothing racist about wanting to keep your town light.

The song also goes on about the gay community and staying in the closet. Real Americans don’t want to deal with that or see it. “Simply keep your lifestyle to yourself” said Aldean publicist Joe Barron.

“Traditional values don’t allow for that stuff. So we demand you don’t make us uncomfortable, especially Mr Aldean, because it’s obvious that Mr Aldean is curious and questioning things and is obviously attracted to strong, black men who can swing a few inches if you know what I mean”.

Simply put, the song is everything middle and southern Americans think they want. Fear of things they don’t understand and affirmation that their bigotry is spot on, even though they do their best to pretend they worship a brown middle eastern Jewish ultra-liberal who would have despised them being awful in His name, just like Donald Trump would have wanted. God bless America.

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