On May 6, 2018, Angelica entered the world, radiating absolute beauty. With her adorable button nose, captivating eyes, and a heart-shaped port wine stain gracing her face, she was a sight to behold.

However, despite the acceptance and support Angelica’s birthmark received from many friends and family, there were still individuals who felt compelled to pass unwarranted comments about her appearance. Marianna Bowering, Angelica’s mother, shared her experiences with the Mirror, recounting the worst online remark she received, where someone callously asked if her daughter’s face had been pressed onto a skillet, suggesting it looked grilled. Marianna also revealed that hurtful remarks had labeled her daughter as “hideous” and a “defect.” Such cruelty and insensitivity only added to the challenges faced by this family, but their unwavering resilience and determination to overcome obstacles ultimately led to a remarkable transformation.

In the face of these rude comments, Marianna Bowering has made it her mission to ensure that Angelica grows up embracing her natural beauty. Recently, this 27-year-old mother decided to paint a replica of Angelica’s birthmark on her own face using makeup.

The idea stemmed from vascular birthmark awareness day, where people are encouraged to paint a heart on their cheeks. Marianna initially painted the heart on her own face, but then went a step further and recreated Angelica’s port wine stain. She was distraught when some people suggested that her daughter’s facial marks would fade over time or that Angelica could simply conceal them with makeup if she wished.

These remarks only intensified Marianna’s pain and frustration, prompting her to question why her daughter should have to hide her inherent beauty instead of embracing it. It served as a heartbreaking reminder of the harsh realities faced by those who do not conform to conventional standards of beauty, emphasizing the significance of acceptance and love for all individuals, irrespective of their appearance.

From the very beginning, both Marianna and her husband firmly believed that Angelica’s birthmark was not something they or she should be ashamed of. Consequently, they actively work to ensure that it is celebrated. Before their matching “birthmark” experiment, Marianna embellished Angelica’s port wine stain with glitter to make it shine.

While children with port wine stains on their faces may be at risk of developing other health conditions, Marianna reassured TODAY that Angelica is in good health. Regular check-ups, particularly for her eyes due to potential glaucoma concerns, are part of their routine. Angelica, you are undeniably beautiful, and no one should ever tell you otherwise.

Marianna, thank you for being an extraordinary mother and continually demonstrating to your daughter that her birthmark is not a flaw. This heartwarming story deserves to be shared on Facebook, spreading the message of acceptance and love.

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